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Lost Ark - Amazon supply more Honing materials to offset bot issues

Published: 07:12, 18 March 2022
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Lost Ark

We all know how much of a pain RNG-based grinding is in any game. It's doubly difficult knowing that half the difficulty stems from the bots running around the servers. Well, Amazon are trying to resolve the problem.

One of the main areas of player concern present in the game, currently, is honing. Everyone knows that for every triumphant yell as a player succeeds a low percentage hone, there are other players frustrated with their attempt failing, leaving them without enough materials to try again.

As players focus on their first character, developers say they've seen that there are a lower number of alternate roster characters to help feed main characters, and the economy, with high-level honing materials.

A shortage of Tier 3 progression materials, coupled with problems introduced by bots, have made honing materials too expensive and a burden for players. To combat this, developers will be supplying more progression materials for players to earn through fun in-game events, injecting more gold into the mid to end-game, and continuing our hard stance against bots.

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Lost Ark

As they themselves have said, injecting the honing materials into the game will be done in a natural way, via loot for various events or challenges.

As far as we see it, it's a double win, as we're not only on the receiving end of materials that take an incredible time to acquire but the content as well is expanded, allowing us some change in our lives.

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