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Lost Ark adds New Endgame Storyline Content with the March Update

Published: 06:23, 04 March 2022
Amazon Game Studios
Lost Ark - Kadan
Lost Ark - Kadan

There are a few reasons that Lost Ark's success might be attributed to. One of those is an ever-evolving world, and its massive content, giving every player something that they can enjoy. And the trend seems to continue.

In one of their weekly updates, Amazon have notified us of the new quests and storylines being added to the game.

It's a completely new one, with its own cinematics, voice actors, and story made from the ground up, including new quests and even new islands.

These quests will include a cast of new and returning characters as you learn more about the Sidereals and search for the legendary Kadan, the first Guardian slayer, in your journey to find the final Ark, the developers say.

However, to participate in the storyline of finding Kadan, you will first have to complete these, existing, quests:

  • Completed the continent of Feiton,
  • Yorn - Let There Be Light,
  • Whispering Islet - Start of Our Story,
  • Illusion Bamboo Island - End of the Trials.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Sailing Lost Ark - Sailing

Players beware though that both the Isteri and Illusion Bamboo islands content is recommended for those whose characters have a gear score of 1100 and above. As this is number represents a change in quality in Lost Ark, anything below is almost akin to suicide.

Amazon adding this new content into the game has come at just the right time. Those players that have invested far more than the average amount of time into the game are just about ready to take it on, while the average players now have something to work towards.

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