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LoLdle Ability Solution November 3 - On the Hunt

Published: 01:26, 03 November 2022
Riot Games
League of Legends Sivir
League of Legends Sivir is one of the oldest champions in the game

Some abilities, such as Renekton's slice and dice, have obvious ability icons, and On the Hunt is one of them.After all, the face of the champion is right there on the ability icon.

LoLdle is a game based on Wordle and uses Riot Games ' League of Legends and its many champions and their quotes, abilities, and more, as their daily challenge.

In today's challenge , the ability of the day is: "On the Hunt". At first glance, we can recognize the champion using said ability.

The answer to which LoL champion uses On the Hunt is Sivir. Though most people, based on the name, would assume it would have something to do with the likes of Rengar, that is not the case.

On the Hunt is Sivir's ultimate ability, which serves as her battle buff, as well as buffing the nearby allies.

It makes sense, seeing that Sivir is a renowned fortune hunter and mercenary captain who plies her trade in the deserts of Shurima. Armed with her legendary jeweled crossblade, she has fought and won countless battles for those who can afford her exorbitant price.

Riot Games Splash art for Jax from League of Legends. His outfit is violet and his weapon is a lamp post. League of Legends - it works similarly to Jax's ultimate

Known for her fearless resolve and endless ambition, she prides herself on recovering buried treasures from the perilous tombs of Shurima, for a generous bounty.

With ancient forces stirring the very bones of Shurima, Sivir finds herself torn between conflicting destinies. She is also the direct descendant of Azir, and the one who led Cassiopeia to the tomb she was searching for in the name of Black Rose.


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