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LoL esports: Team Liquid reportedly decided on their full roster

Published: 03:21, 05 November 2021
Team liquid horse logo on white background for dota 2 esports team
Team Liquid

Team Liquid has geared up for the next season of LCS and their roster is once again star-studded but it remains to be seen how well they can work together.

League of Legends Championship Series, or LCS for short, is by now infamous for the highest amount of imports out of any region in the world and the trend doesn't seem to be slowing down.

According to the report from Travis Gafford, the team has figured out the new roster for LCS season 2022 and it consists entirely of newly imported players and those who were imported long enough in the past to have become US citizens by now. Keep in mind that the organisation has not officially announced the roster yet so some changes might still happen in the future.

The planned roster for the next season is as follows:

  • Top - Bwipo
  • Jungle - Santorin
  • Mid - Bjergsen
  • ADC - Hans Sama
  • Support - CoreJJ

Four out of five of those players are former LEC talent while CoreJJ hails from LCK. That said, besides Bwipo and Hans Sama, the team members have spent a long time in LCS and no longer count as imports.

Bwipo is coming out of a messy end of partnership with Fnatic and TL has a reputation for not handling strong personalities well, which makes this relationship pretty interesting.

Bjergsen is coming to TL after an extremely long time with TSM, which may not sit well with the latter team's fans and rumour has it that Bjerg had a huge wish to play with CoreJJ.

Hans Sama has had an amazing season and was easily one of the best ADCs in LEC but it remains to be seen if he will keep the ambition and high standard of play in LCS. Considering he will be landing with CoreJJ, this will probably be the most terrifying bot duo in the league.

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