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LoL Esports: LEC will get fourth seed for Worlds 2022

Published: 00:27, 23 July 2022
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League of Legends esports
League of Legends esports

Europe will join Korea and China as one of the few regions that have four slots at League of Legends World Championship, albeit not for celebrated reasons.

League of Legends esports' major regions hold certain privileges and when a region stands taller than the rest, those privileges become more significant. As such, China (LPL) and Korea (LCK) have had more participants at World Championships for a while now, being the only regions to have four seeds in total.

Europe (LEC) will join this club as of LoL Worlds 2022 and while it would normally be cause for celebration, the circumstances are fairly somber. The reason LEC gets an additional spot is that LCL won't be at the next Worlds. As you may know, LCL is the league where teams from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) used to participate.

CIS basically consists of what the Soviet Union used to encompass and since Russia decided to ruin everyone's day and invade Ukraine, the league didn't get far in 2022. Furthermore, it won't be able to participate in Worlds 2022 so LEC gets to inherit the spot.

With that in mind, LEC will not be quite equal to LPL and LCK with the seeds. LPL and LCK will have three teams automatically qualified to the group stage, with one team from each region having to qualify through the Play-In event.

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For LEC, two teams will qualify automatically while two will have to duke it out in Play-In so there is still a lower chance to have four teams in the main event than the other two regions.

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