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LoL Esports: Epic fight erupts for the fourth seed in LEC playoffs

Published: 15:06, 29 August 2022
Riot Games
Splash art for League of Legends champion Poppy showing her tiny stature with her massive hammer.
League of Legends - Poppy

Fnatic and Excel clashed in the lower bracket of the LEC summer playoffs, bringing an epic series for the spectators to enjoy.

LEC had what was possibly the closest competition in the history of the league during the summer split of 2022, with the playoff participants not being locked until the very last day and the spots were uncertain for an extremely large portion of the rosters.

The playoffs continued in the same manner but the lower bracket ended up being more thrilling than the ones where the higher-placed teams were.

During the first week of the playoffs, Rogue knocked Mad Lions down to the lower bracket but G2 won them a spot at Worlds 2022 by knocking Misfits down. As such, G2, RGE and MAD are already locked in for the biggest international tournament of the year, with Fnatic and Excel left fighting for the right to face Misfits in an attempt to grab that fourth spot at Worlds.

Excel turned on the style immediately and even though the first match was a back-and-forth fight, they prevailed to take the lead and then secured the second with a bit more ease.

Fnatic were left in an unenviable position with just one loss separating them from missing out on Worlds and the situation looked even direr when Excel started gaining the upper hand in game three, on multiple occasions. 

Thanks to XL throwing the game on multiple occasions and Razork bailing Upset with a fantastic Poppy ult, FNC managed to eke out a victory against all odds.

Riot Games League of Legends - Nilah Splash Art Patrik had a pretty good series on Nilah

Game four was once again close fought but this was simply Razork's night as he securely packed Fnatic on his back and made sure to carry as hard as possible. This match was mostly in FNC's control but Markoon and Patrik scored a fantastic pick on Upset, leading to both FNC carries dying.

Once in FNC's base though, Wunder and Razork worked a sublime wombo combo to pick Patrik and managed to save the team's chances of seeing Worlds by the skin of their teeth. Not long after, the rest of the team respawned and the secured the 2-2 tie.

Game five was not as close-fought as FNC simply dominated objectives, stacked the soul up, grabbed a baron and scored a clean ace after which they wrapped the game up almost immediately. However, this marked the first time in the history of LEC that Fnatic came back from 0-2 and scored a reverse sweep, leaving the epic matchup on a high note.

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