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Liverpool, Barcelona and other clubs to join European Super League; what does this mean for FIFA?

Published: 07:12, 19 April 2021
Updated: 11:09, 19 April 2021
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Will European Super League be in FIFA 22 and PES 22?

Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus and other European Giants have officially joined the breakaway European Super League which could potentially result in banning from all other competitions at domestic, European or world level.

Well, it's finally happened. After months and months of talks, the biggest European clubs have officially joined the brand new competition named European Super League (ESL), a decision that resulted in big controversy among football fans online.

You may ask, what exactly is ESL and why are people so outraged at this decision? Well, it's basically in its name, a competition where Europe's biggest clubs including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, AC Milan, Juventus and others will be playing each other but the key part is, the ESL will not be recognised by UEFA or FIFA so it's basically a breakaway competition.

UEFA already announced in a joint statement with the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera Division and other leagues that participating clubs will be banned from all other competitions at domestic, European or world level and players could be prevented from representing their national teams. 

Now, what exactly does this mean for games with FIFA licences such as EA Sports' FIFA series? Well, at the moment it's very hard to say whether the plans for the ESL will reach their final stage and that's the kick-off in August 2022. If this indeed happens, then it's safe to say that these teams will not appear in FIFA 22 or PES 22 games, at least not under their real names, badges, stadiums and player names, similar to how unlicensed clubs are present in the games right now.

At the moment, there is no official confirmation from FIFA, EA Sports or Konami regarding the ESL in FIFA and PES so take this part as speculation and not something that is set in stone. 

But to be fair, it would be really hard to imagine FIFA 22 and PES 22 without the world's biggest and most popular teams and the same goes for domestic and international competitions. Imagine the English Premier League without the TOP 6 or the Spanish League without Barca, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, not really that attractive anymore, right?

All in all, it will be interesting to see where and how exactly will this European Super League story end. Could this be just a scheme to put pressure on UEFA and domestic FAs to offer these clubs more money and better TV deals? Well, that is exactly what we think it is and in our opinion, it's only a matter of time before UEFA and FAs do that.

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