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Little Green Men Gaming announce Starpoint Gemini 3 on Steam

Published: 20:03, 21 February 2019
Updated: 21:43, 21 February 2019
Little Green Men Gaming
Picture of a space ship flying through space
Starpoint Gemini 3

Little Green Men Gaming have announced that Starpoint Gemini 3 will kick off at some point during 2019. This time around, players will fill the boots of Captain Jonathan Bold as they explore the game universe and play through the story.

Captain Jonathan Bold has been described as a wisecracking hero spacefarer, hinting that Little Green Men might be going for that Malcolm Reynolds vibe. This can be further seen in the trailer as he addresses the sentient computer that is running his ship.

Starpoint Gemini 3 will introduce 3D animated NPCs which will be a first for the series. On top of that, players will be able to interact with them, offering another layer of depth for the RPG elements. This was shown in the trailer above, with the bartender in the end being a subject of many jokes where people compare him to Thanos from MCU.

Space exploration will remain in Starpoint Gemini 3 as players will be able to explore two new planetary systems which are apparently beyond Gemini. There are apparently many venues players will be able to visit, ranging from pubs with shady cliente over high-tech facilities to colourful and noisy nightclubs.

One of Starpoint Gemini 3's main features that Little Green Men pointed out will be "adrenaline-packed" dogfighting, although we are yet to see the space combat in action. As mentioned before, exploration will go beyond Gemini so there will be a tri-system layout.

Fans of older RPGs will find one feature to be interesting in particular. Little Green Men mentioned a "copious quantity of encounter quests" which sounds a lot like the good old random encounters from Fallout games during the Interplay era. If this feature turns out to be executed well, it could add massive replay value to the game.

Little Green Men Gaming Picture from a space ship cockpit Starpoint Gemini 3

Release date is not determined yet but 2019 will serve as a release window. As such, Little Green Men did not announce Starpoint Gemini 3's pricing either, but it should be available on the game's  first.


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