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List of LoL Worlds 2022 participants is now (almost) complete

Published: 23:21, 06 September 2022
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Senna League of Legends champion
Senna - League of Legends

League of Legends' most prestigious tournament of the year now has all the participants on paper, with people just waiting for the Turkish champion to complete the list.

League of Legends World Championship 2022 is going to North and Central America this year, with USA and Mexico being the host countries. 

Almost all leagues now know who will represent them with the sole exception being TCL and these folks will wait for the outcome of the finals on September 10, 2022 to know more.

Worlds 2022 will have the following participants:

  • LJL
    • DetonatioN FocusMe
  • LCO
    • Chiefs Esports Club
  • LCK
    • Gen G
    • Damwon Kia
    • T1
    • DRX
  • LPL
    • JD Gaming
    • Top Esports
    • Edward Gaming
    • Royal Never Give Up
  • PCS
    • CTBC Flying Oyster
    • Beyond Gaming
  • VCS
    • GAM ESports
    • Saigon Buffalo
  • TCL
    • Istanbul Wildcats or Fenerbahce
  • LEC
    • G2 Esports
    • Fnatic
    • Rogue
    • MAD Lions
  • LCS
    • Cloud 9
    • 100 Thieves
    •  Evil Geniuses
    • LOUD
  • LLA
    • Isurus

Of course, some of these teams will have only qualified for the play-in stage, which will have a total of 12 teams, with the top four advancing to the group stage of the main event.

The actual group draw for both the play-in stage and the main event group stage will happen on September 11, 2022, when the LCS finals conclude, at which point we will know exactly who qualified for what.

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If you tune in to the LCS finals, you might find it odd that Danny is not playing for EG but the team has already stated this is only temporary and are planning to start him at Worlds.

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