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List of bugged traits in New World and descrition on each

Published: 00:37, 28 October 2021
New World
New World

New World has a ton of issues and one of them pertains to perks that don't work or work in a way that was not intended. Here is a list of them and a little explanation on what's wrong with each.

New World has major issues that either gimped the players' experience or allowed them to do things they weren't supposed to. For example, playing in windowed mode and then moving said window could render one invulnerable but that is one of the issues the latest patch probably dealt with.

What you, a regular player, might be more interested in, is a list of perks and traits that don't work properly or at all. This list may not be complete as players are finding out new broken things about Amazon's MMO on a daily basis but we hope it will help grant you more understanding on how things work for the time being.

Resilient perk that can roll on armour is currently bugged in such a way that it reduces all damage taken, not just from critical hits. This is immense, making faction armour some of the strongest in the game even though it doesn't have too good stats. If you're tanking, make sure to bring this set to the activity as it will soak up to 24 per cent of the damage, even without calculating the actual armour values.

Perks in weapon mastery that increase damage dealt or decrease damage taken largely don't work. Those perks that grant Empower buff seem to be reliable enough for the time being but a damage bonus is meant to be granted outside of the buff, chances are you are not getting it at all. Berserk is a buff of its own and provides a proper damage boost even though it's not specifically tied to Empower.

Amazon New World - Hemp New World

Armour type damage bonuses don't work as you might be led to believe. Having light armour will not grant a flat 20 per cent increase in damage and neither will medium give you that 10 per cent. The exact way these bonuses are calculated is not currently known but the damage bonus is definitely lower than what is advertised.

Finalize perk for the rapier skill Flurry does not work at all. It will not give you stagger on the final hit. 

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