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You can now get a free Lethal League Steam activation key

Published: 11:01, 23 March 2018
Team Reptile
Splash art for Lethal League showing the name, a map and some characters
Lethal League

Starting on 22 March 2018, Team Reptile have supplied an undisclosed but limited number of free CD keys for their Lethal League. These keys can be activated on Steam, and it's not a time limited trial - you get to keep the game.

You can claim your free CD key on Fanatical store, which will require you to register and log in. That said, you will not need to download yet another game launcher to clog your desktop as the keys can only be activated on Steam.

Lethal League was received extremely well by those who played it, scoring 95 per cent positive reviews on Steam. Reviewers often cite the game's setting, art style and gameplay as its strong points while the cons are mostly limited to long matchmaking due to the game having a very low number of active players. Considering the free key giveaway will continue for as long as there are keys in stock, the player activity may change. If it doesn't, you will not suffer any losses, since you're not paying for it. Either way, it's worth checking out.

Team Reptile People are ball fighting in the Lethal League arena. The last one standing is the winner. Lethal League

This game offers a unique fast past brawler experience, that can be played with up to four players at a time. The goal is to damage and knock opponents out of the stage by hitting a ball. Each of the game's six characters has a unique skill that brings variety to the knockout process. The game also features a single player mode, just in case you can't get a match online.

Lethal League's multiplayer is available in literally every possible way. You can play local multiplayer on a single screen, online multiplayer if you can find a match or even cross-platform. If you have a friend that owns it on PC, Xbox One or PS4, you will be able to play it regardless of the platform.

Team Reptile The colourful characters if Lethal League are chasing the ball. Lethal League

Officially, the free givaway is a part of Fanatical's Spring Sale event but unofficially, this could be an attempt at reviving the player base. With a bigger character roster, the game could potentially keep the player base alive but it is unknown if Team Reptile will keep supporting it. It probably depends on whether the game manages to pull The Division type of resurrection.

You can get your key .

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