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League of Legends will ditch division promos in ranked

Published: 14:55, 02 June 2020
Updated: 14:56, 02 June 2020
Riot Games
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League of Legends

League of Legends players tend to have an issue with all the promotional matches between divisions in ranked. Some of these barriers are finally going to get removed though.

Riot Games introduced various divisions way back when as an alternative to the elo system that was originally in use. In order to get promoted from, let's say Gold 4 to Gold 3, one has to reach 100 LP and then win two games in a row. This obstacle proved to be a major annoyance and people eventually ended up playing matches against those ranked in a tier above their own.

This will partially end with Season 11. According to the lead gameplay designer, Mark "Riot Scruffy" Yetter, the decision to remove the inter-division promos has been made . Dev corner technically already revealed this but the section regarding the promos only noted that "it's looking likely that [they'll] be removing inter-division promotions".

Yetter's tweet sounds much more decisive and now it looks like the change is all but set in stone. Keep in mind that each coin has two sides and the one many are probably not seeing right now is that Riot will remove or at least tone down demotion measures.

Players can currently lose several games while sitting at zero League Points before getting demoted to the lower division. Still, it's really the climb that motivates people to play ranked and putting barriers on that is a surefire way to get backlash.

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Two other important bits to remember is that these changes will not happen before Season 11 and that they will only apply to inter-division promos. The best of five for higher tier will remain.

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