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League of Legends Patch 12.14 PBE Changes Nerf Healing

Published: 02:34, 19 July 2022
Splash art of Battle Principal Yuumi
Playing Yuumi will now be the only type of AFK you can be

The PBE server is always a hodgepodge of new things that are still in the test phases. But, we can ascertain which of the changes will most likely be in the next LoL patch, purely due to what Riot have added most recently.

Riot Games have recently talked about the changes they will implement to healing in League of Legends , as this mechanic has been wrecking the game's balance for two seasons already. What we can expect in patch 12.14 is:

  • Health Potion : 150 --> 120 HP healing
  • Refillable Potion & Corrupting Potion: 125 --> 100 Healing
  • Second Wind: Heal 6 (+4% Missing Health) --> Heal 3 (+4% Missing Health)

 Aside from the system changes that affect healing, Riot are also nerfing healing and shielding items across the board:

  • Forbidden Idol: 10% --> 8%
  • Ardent Censer: 10% --> 8%
  • Mikael's Blessing: 20% --> 16%
  • Redemption: 20% --> 16%
  • Staff of Flowing Water: 10% --> 8%
  • Moonstone Renewer: Max Stacks Number 5 --> 4

Riot Games League of Legends - Pulsefire Shen League of Legends - Pulsefire Shen

There are other system changes, unrelated to healing, implemented on the PBE as well, with the Teleport summoner spell being the largest one. That is, not the largest one due to the severity of the changes, but the largest one due to the impact it will have on the game, as the Teleport's cooldown is being lengthened from 340 to 420 seconds.

This will impact the top lane tremendously, and give an indirect buff to champions that have global ults, such as Shen and Gangplank.

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