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League of Legends: New Sentinel champion release date and more revealed in teaser

Published: 12:53, 22 June 2021
Riot Games
League of Legends - Sentinels of Light teaser
League of Legends - Sentinels of Light teaser

Riot Games are getting closer to the Ruination event and introduction of the new Sentinel champion, which has finally been given a proper embodiment.

Sentinels are preparing for the new addition as Riot Games are ramping up the hype for the upcoming event and the new champion. The new Sentinel will be named Akshan and you can check out what he looks like on the image below.

Besides the grappling hook that was revealed long ago, Akshan will be using some sort of a pokey-looking stick but it remains to be seen if he will actually be able to poke champions. He probably will since this Marksman is apparently supposed to be played in the mid lane primarily but keep in mind that Riot Games stated roaming and duelling will be at the core of this champion's design.

The image you see below is from the teaser for Sentinels of Light even that is arriving on July 8, 2021, meaning we will probably welcome this marksman to the Rift on the same day. 

Akshan may be the new addition but it appears Sentinels found a few more allies as Vayne and Graves appear to have taken up lightslinging which likely means we are getting new skins for them.

Riot Games League of Legends - Sentinel Akshan League of Legends - Sentinel Akshan

In order to get to the event teaser page, you will first need to go to the part where Viego is chilling next to a picture of him and Isolde , except that the chunk with his wife had been ripped from the wall. Click on the missing part of the picture and type in "->8->8->8->8". You can copy it from here as well, minus the quotation marks.

You will then be presented another portion of Sentinels lore and another prompt to type a word in. The word is "Akshan". Confirm it and you will get to the landing page of the event.

League of Legends - showcase of several champion splash arts

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