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League of Legends lore is getting updated with the Arcane event

Published: 05:50, 09 November 2021
Updated: 05:54, 09 November 2021
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League of Legends Arcana Jinx is darker than the usual fare
League of Legends Arcane Jinx is darker than the usual fare

Once upon a time, all the media we had of League of Legends was the lore players could find in the client itself. Nowadays, that lore is, while expanded upon, set by the wayside in favor of other forms of media. Hopefully, this will soon change.

Wander through the stacks of the Council Archives and explore the history of Piltover and beyond. Discover the stories of an inventor, a criminal with unknown allegiances, an enforcer, and an orphan desperate for attention.

The Council Archives is an interactive experience available now in the League of Legends client. Once you’ve entered, drag around the screen and click to investigate untold stories from the characters of Arcane.

The Council Archives are available globally from November 8 at 8:00 AM PT to December 9, at 12:59 PM PT.

Just like Arcane's episode drops, content for the Council Archives will be released periodically. With each new batch of episodes, come back to the Archives to uncover more of the story through records of Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jinx.

You will be able to dive into Jayce's scientific journal to see the machinations of Piltover's next visionary. Perhaps learn more about Vi's unruly behavior and penchant for self-defense through the eyes of an uncaring overseer. For those interested in detective work, these archives will allow you to piece together the evidence collected by Caitlyn in her latest investigations of the undercity.

riot games League of Legends Shaco splash art Maybe Shaco will get some backstory one of these days

And, of course,  decipher the dangerously whimsical sketches of an unstable and lonely Jinx, if you have the mental capacity to burn for some reason.

Hopefully, this will prove to be well received with League's player population and will cause the game's lore to be given more attention, and have it come back into the limelight, just like it once used to be.

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