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Telltale Games will get partially revived after LCG acquisition

Published: 22:00, 28 August 2019
Skybound Games
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The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Telltale Games, a studio that garnered many fans due to storytelling adventures had to disband not so long ago but LCG Entertainment recently purchased the company's assets and decided to rebuild the developer, starting with re-releases.

LCG Entertainment is a holdings company from Los Angeles, California that has apparently acquired assets and IPs, among other things, all pertaining to Telltale Games. Furthermore, the name will be assumed and projects started by the studio will apparently get revived.

For starts, a few titles from the studio's catalogue will get re-released and some new titles will be developed from scratch. The new Telltale Games will be led by Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle, who were previously not involved with the studio. According to , the studio's new headquarters will be in Malibu, with a satellite office in Corte Madera, California.

Athlon Games, one of Telltale's publishing partners were apparently the leading force in persuading various investors and buyers to go for the deal. Ottilie, the new CEO stated he believes the revival will be successful due to Telltale's recognizable brand when it comes to storytelling through video games.

As you may have assumed by now, Ottilie will be handling the operations on the development side of things which leaves Waddle to handle finances and business development. Athlon will be doing most of the publishing work for the upcoming Telltale titles.

What is probably the most important part of the deal is that some of the talent that worked in the old studio has been re-hired or contracted for developing titles under the new Telltale. There is currently no way to know how many of the former employees have been given a job again, with the only hint being that it's key personnel.

The Wolf Among Us The Wolf Among Us

Telltale's focus will be on existing IPs that served as the core of the previous studio's work so it's likely we will see season 2 for both The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones after all. More The Walking Dead may or may not happen since the series was completed by Skybound Entertainment after Telltale went under.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season by Skybound Games

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Episode 3 "Above the Law".

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