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Skybound want former Telltale staff to finish The Walking Dead

Published: 18:21, 19 October 2018
Telltale Games
Picture of some people in The Walking Dead game
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Javier and Clementine

Skybound Games CEO Ian Howe recently hosted an AMA on Reddit where one of the most popular questions was whether the released Telltale Games employees will finish their work on The Walking Dead. To everyone's relief, the answer was yes.

Telltale Games have infamously closed their doors not too long ago, leaving their former employees out in the cold, no severance or insurance attached. Media and fans have raised a storm of questions, most of them revolving about the future of The Walking Dead and the released staff that worked on the game.

Skybound Games have already announced that they would wrap The Walking Dead: The Final Season up, but the question about the developers remained open until the Reddit AMA, that featured both Ian Howe and Kent Muddle who were answering the questions.

Howe took to responding to the questions about former Telltale employees, stating that "The plan is for [The Walking Dead] to be staffed 100% by former Telltale staff" which brought relief to many fans as they would get to experience the game's finale in the same creative direction as the previous episodes.

In addition to that statement, Howe said that the only time Skybound would look elsewhere is if they couldn't fill a particular role with the former Telltale staff. Whether this means they are not sure if all former Telltale employees will agree to work on the project or simply adding more roles that Telltale didn't have remains to be seen.

To that end, Howe stated that he had been in contact with almost the entire team that was behind The Walking Dead games, which still doesn't mean all of them will be up for returning to the project.

Telltales Clementine protecting AJ from the Walkers The Walking Dead Season 4

With that in mind, there is still no ETA on The Final Season, but rest assured, the game seems to be ready for take off. If you're aching for more info straight from Skybound, you can check the on Reddit.

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