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Telltale Games in another round of layoffs, says axed worker

Published: 08:15, 05 October 2018
Updated: 10:12, 05 October 2018
Telltale Games
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Telltale Games pretty much shut down when they laid off almost their entire work force last month, with just 25 employees remaining to tie up the loose ends. Now another team has been released, with the company going down even further.

Rachel Noel, who used to be a narrative designer at Telltale Games until 04 October 2018, posted a tweet that shook up the who Telltale controversy all over again. Apparently there were additional layoffs, and the public initially thought that all of the 25 people were gone from the company but that doesn't seem to be the case.

In fact, it was only that got laid off, so the skeleton crew just got thinner. Those hoping for more content regarding The Walking Dead can still keep their dreams afloat though, as Noel's team was not working on that particular game.

On the other hand, their layoffs confirmed that some loose ends will remain untied. On that note, Telltale didn't pay any severance to Noel's team, including her, just like it was the case with the other 200 employees before. As it stands now, the work on The Walking Dead will continue, but the size of the remaining team is unknown at the time of writing.

Telltale did note earlier that they would be looking to with an outside company to continue the work the game and possibly enlist the laid off employees, some of whom were disgruntled enough to file a due to the company breaking state laws by failing to give its employees notice about closure and contract termination.

Telltales Clementine protecting AJ from the Walkers The Walking Dead Season 4

While some fans might be wondering what the remainder of the skeleton crew might be up to, it's highly likely they are no longer actively working on any game, but just finishing up the business end of the closure. In other words, the management, lawyers and accountants are probably hard at work at this moment, but there is no knowing if any developers are still in-house or if they are working on anything.


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