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Konami is closing some gaming divisions but it's not the end of their IPs

Published: 15:03, 25 January 2021
Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes
Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes

Konami recently announced a department shuffle which alarmed the gaming industry but it may turn out to not be such a big deal for most of the world after all.

Metal Gear and Silent Hill fans have not had a new entry in their favourite franchises for a while now and the announcement of Konami dissolving production divisions related to video games could either spark hope or gloom for them. It would be hope in case someone else picked up the IPs and released new games while gloom could be considered by the less optimistic fans, in the case of repurposing the IPs for pachinko and the like.

However, neither of these are likely to be the case. This appears to be just another set of Konami restructuring, which has happened before, meaning it's possible the gamers will not even notice the difference in the end.

In the case of some ongoing IPs, such as Pro Evolution Soccer series, this should have absolutely no consequence since it's handled by its own division, not connected to the three that are dissolving.

Moreover, the IPs that haven't received a new entry for a while, such as Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania are probably not going to change owners. Technically, Metal Gear Survive is from the recent years but most readers will probably agree it shouldn't be counted as a core Metal Gear game.

The group that is more prone to feeling negative consequences are the workers in those divisions since the announcement looks a lot like downsizing so it's possible Konami employees will lose jobs. There is currently no official announcement on the matter.

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