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Knowledge transfer will accompany launch of Lost Ark western servers

Published: 07:38, 04 February 2022
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Lost Ark

The knowledge transfer is an in-game system in Lost Ark that lets you level up your characters via the story quests. Developers have confirmed it will be here at launch for the western servers, but is it worth it?

The knowledge transfer is, basically, a way for experienced players to avoid the drudgery of grinding new characters. Instead, once you've completed the main storyline, with nothing remaining, you will be given the option of paying gold to get your other, already created characters, up to the level of the character on which you've finished the main storyline and who is at max level.

It is yet unknown how much the knowledge transfer will cost, as we don't know if the gold values will be the same as those of the Korean servers.

We do know, however, that it takes eight hours to level a second character to the end-game with knowledge transfer in Lost Ark.

For players that are just starting out, whatever the price may be, though it will be in the hundreds, it will seem like a lot. However, this game mechanic was not intended for new players that have yet to experience the game.

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It is meant for more experienced players who have seen what the story can offer, and don't wish to burn themselves out by leveling alternate accounts with the same storyline over and over again. Instead, they will level alternate accounts this way and enjoy the end-game with a new perspective. And in doing so, likely make back all of the gold they've spent on the transfer anyway.

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