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King Arthur: Knight's Tale to offer PvP and random quests as endgame

Published: 04:41, 16 December 2021
King Arthur: Knight's Tale screenshot showing a battlefield
King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a turn based tactical RPG

Turn-based RPGs are not exactly a household genre for PvP escapades but Neocore Games will give it a shot regardless.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale was recently updated with the Early Access patch on Steam and it brought a bunch of changes that will significantly alter the experience for the existing players. For the newcomers, let's hope it enhances what would have been experienced previously.

Anyway, the latest update is redesigning the first act of the story campaign along with the adventure map. However, the changes don't stop only in the first part of the experience as Camelot management as well as the endgame have been altered too.

New skills and items will also influence the players' progression through all of the content but perhaps the most notable of changes are the ones pertaining to the endgame.

Players still adventuring over the world will be able to get random missions on their travels for increased challenge and more powerful loot. Those seeking a different kind of challenge will be able to hop into the optional PvP mode.

This is where players will assemble their parties of four and duke it out against other teams in several instanced maps. 

According to the devs, balancing in this mode is done to give the fresh players a fighting chance against veterans but it remains to be seen how well this will work in practice.


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