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King Arthur: Knight's Tale adds mid-mission saving

Published: 11:34, 02 February 2022
NeoCore Games
King Arthur: Knight's Tale
King Arthur: Knight's Tale

NeoCore Games pushed out an update for the Early Access version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale, adding one of the features many fans have been asking for thus far.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale patch 0.2.1 kicked off on February 1, 2022, adding new content and more to the game, but it's quite possible that one quality of life feature was the actual highlight.

Namely, the update added the ability to save your game during a mission. While this might take away a bit of challenge - if you fail, you don't have to replay from the beginning, the change is a positive one for different reasons. For example, if you forget to save between missions, you might lose much more progress than you thought, in case you didn't save diligently.

That said, this saving option is only available in the classic mode because it runs counter to going ironman. If you chose to not be in control of the ability to save in the first place, this new option will not be available and therefore, won't affect your run at all.

Additionally, you can now dismiss your heroes as you see fit. Keep in mind that you can no longer obtain them after doing so and the loyalty of your other heroes will be affected. Those with the same religion and / or morality will lose two points of loyalty while those with the opposite views will gain one point.

Last, but not least, is the quality of life change that allows you to alter difficulty while in Classic mode. Should an encounter prove to be too hard or too easy, you might want to consider checking your options.

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