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Khora Warframe and Sanctuary Onslaught game mode coming soon

Published: 20:55, 17 April 2018
Digital Extremes
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Digital Extremes have announced that the first warframe in 2018, named Khora, will be arriving to PC this week along with the Sanctuary Onslaught game mode. Warframe's arsenal will also get richer with new weapon and gear additions.

Khora will be the 35th warframe in the game and it will pack both offensive crowd control attacks and defensive zone control. Khora's Whipclaw ability is a whip attack that will "send enemies reeling", but its full functionality remains to be seen.

Ensnare will be a crowd control ability, as the name suggests, and it will bind targets "in living metal". The effect will spread to any targets who come close to it. Ensnare's trap can be dispersed with Khora's whip attack. There is also Venari, which summons a gleaming Kavat whose postures can be altered between Attack, Protect and Heal.

Digital Extremes Khora is manoeuvring through the air while in combat. Warframe - Khora

Strangledome is Khora's final ability that will construct a "dome of living chain" upon use. It will bind and strangle any enemies caught within the area, as well as any others who enter later on.

Beasts of the Sanctuary update should arrive on consoles some time during May 2018 and to PC by the end of April. It will also add Sanctuary Onslaught, which is a "team based, survival style" game mode. This is where Khora will be found initially and the mode will require players to quickly move through timed portals while also battling waves of increasingly powerful foes.

Digital Extremes Showcase of the Revolver Rifle that will soon be available in Warframe. Warframe - Revolver Rifle

The update will also include new weapons and gear such as the Dartgun, Quill Spear, Tenno Revolver rifle, Zaw Parts, Quill Syandana and Quill Alt Helmet. As per usual, Sanctuary Onslaught will be a free update which is part of the reason why Warframe saw during its existence.

Digital Extremes have also announced that the tickets for the third annual TennoCon are almost sold out. The will be held in London Ontario, Canada on 7 July 2018. Part of the revenue from the event will become charity for .

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