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Kingdom Come: Deliverance beta looked stunning, current version 'just' great

Published: 18:13, 20 February 2018
Overlaying slices of the same 3d picture with different picture quality
Warhorse Studios: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

With all eyes meticulously scanning every nook and cranny for the smallest of bugs, an elephant sized change sneaked in unnoticed in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Well, almost sneaked in, since a keen observing eye of one user made sure everyone's taken notice.

Shazoo user 'design3d' made it his mission to revisit locations and recreate images he grabbed there during the beta, so as to properly determine the extent and nature of changes. I would ask you what you think, but it's already a rhetorical question - beta snapshots are head and shoulders above.

Now Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been eagerly anticipated and we all hoped it will hit the ground running. Hype peddlers and reviewers alike agreed the game is stunningly beautiful and packed some pretty innovative features. Now we love the hype as much as the next medieval npc, but this is eventually how we pay for it.

AltChar A side by side comparison of graphics qualities of two images Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come:Deliverance

As you can see, these are not minor differences, are they? To make matters worse, I truly thought it was gorgeous, and probably still will, as soon as I look away from the image.

Perhaps we should've seen this coming once the game hit the proverbial floor, when it wasn't really running. Well, perhaps it was, but it was erratic and generally unstable. Strangely, most reviewers seem to have worked out their graphics issues, although some resorted to bad marks.

This meant there was no time for celebration after launch - the company instead rushed to put out as many fires in as little time as possible. Eventually it came down to this - who knew, right? Well, anyone who realistically assumed that the company would save your money and keep their promises.

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