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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is now available via GOG as standalone of bundled

Published: 16:50, 28 February 2018
Warhorse Studios
A man dressed up as Robin Hood walking across a field
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Warhorse's medieval epic, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has made its way onto GOG. The RPG is available as a standalone or as part of a bundle that also includes its soundtrack, and an art book. The game has already sold over 1 million copies.

On the off chance you haven't hopped on to the  train yet, Warhorse Studios has made it available via GOG as well. The medieval epic has already been available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam for £39.99.

The GOG version of Kingdom Come: Deliverance will set you back around £43.25, but comes DRM-free and with a full 30-day money back guarantee. A Kingdom Come bundle is also up for grabs. 

Warhorse Studios A crowd watching two knights fight Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The bundle contains the game itself, its soundtrack, and an art book, and it will cost you £54.03. Be advised that the bundle is currently on sale for 10 percent off.

CD Projekt Red, the dev studio responsible for the Witcher series and owner of the GOG platform seems to have a soft spot for games that depict their native Eastern Europe. Kingdom Come developers have even thrown in a couple of Witcher Easter eggs. One such nod to the Witcher franchise turned up in Kingdom come in the form of Geralt’s horse, Roach.

The GOG release is sure to provide an additional boost to Kingdom Come’s sales, but the game is already doing pretty well on that front. According to Warhorse’s CEO, it had sold "around one million" copies just over a week after its initial release. The game's US community manager used Twitter to confirm the happy .

Warhorse Studios Men on horseback attacking a caravan Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is currently trending on SeamSpy. The website says that the game is owned by 536,229 players, with 503,187 of them firing it up in the last couple of weeks.

Warhorse's RPG debuted on the second place in the . It was denied the top spot by FIFA 18 which has had a boom in sales thanks to a discount. Kingdom Come launched with a couple of kinks the devs are now trying to iron out.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is now available on .

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