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Kingdom Come: Deliverance patched and quickly repatched due to corrupt saves bug

Published: 11:16, 01 April 2018
Warhorse Studios
A man dressed up as Robin Hood walking across a field
Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Well Warhorse Studios' Kingdom Come: Deliverance may have pulled a Fortnite, with the game getting patched and repatched in mere hours, but Kingdom Come's servers are still up and running and the company has a surprise for PC users as well.

Of course, it still sounds like a nasty deja vu, seeing as how Warhorse's repatching of Kingdom Come: Deliverance comes on the same day Fortnite's patching and repatching crashed Epic's servers.

Kingdom Come's latest patch is a direct result of the proverbial wrench in their plans, most likely stemming from its predecessor, the v1.4.

Warhorse Studios A crowd watching two knights fight Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You may recall that Kingdom Come's v1.4 patch brought about new hair and beard mechanics, actual Easter Eggs, Czech weapon Pomlazka and Warhorse even hinted at zombies. In fact, the company said that the "resurrection day is upon us! Some NPCs that have died due to the physics glitches have risen from their graves."

With the only save-related issue in the patch list being the House of God quest problem, there's a high likelihood that this is where Warhorse fell off their horse. To be fair though, with the patch notes listing 200 other major bugs fixed, it could be pretty much anything.

Warhorse Studios A training camp in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Thankfully, Warhorse decided to throw a bone to Kingdom Come: Deliverance's faithful hordes of PC users, rolling out the free DLC HD Texture and Audio Pack. The company claims it will give Bohemia a visual facelift, whereas HD audio comes in English, German and French and covers all the in-game sounds.

Even though we'd love to feign being grateful for Warhorse's supposed benevolence, the outrage over company's bona fide deception and scamming of PC users into buying what turned out to be a severely graphics-degraded shard of a promise, has never really healed.

AltChar Overlaying slices of the same 3d picture with different picture quality Warhorse Studios: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

However, with Kingdom Come: Deliverance being one of our favourite games at the moment, we'll squeeze in a thank you. And you better keep 'em coming Warhorse, because it's still not the thing you promised when we gave you actual, real life cash.

Perhaps if they patched PC users, maybe they could corrupt our saves as well?

AltChar A side by side comparison of graphics qualities of two images Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come:Deliverance

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