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Jager gets nerfed in Rainbow Six Siege

Published: 10:35, 02 April 2020
Rainbow Six Siege's operator Jäger is posing for a picture.
Rainbow Six Siege - Jäger was the first German operator with a bug that involved a portable shield.

Rainbow Six Siege's next balance patch is already on test servers and several defenders will get hit, including Jager who proved to be too much of a roaming nuisance.

Operators with three speed and one armour in Rainbow Six Siege are often the showmakers in Rainbow Six Siege but that also makes them targets of balance changes fairly often. Such was the case with Jager as well, who proved to be too good at denying the attackers' breach attempts while also being a formidable roamer.

Ubisoft is taking that second strength out of the equation, as Jager will now be a two speed two armour operator. While he will not be moving at the snail's pace like anchors do, he is still not going to fit into the super-fast archetype and will therefore not be as effective while roaming.

Caveira is the second defensive roamer that gets a balance change but it's more about love in this case. Razor holo sight will become an option on her M12, which will probably find its way to many loadouts.

Mozzie is another quick defender that is getting nerfed. Intel denial coupled with the strong roaming potential proved to be too much so the Aussie is losing his Super Shorty secondary.

Goyo and Kaid are getting some TCSG-12 changes too. The weapon's damage is being reduced from 84 to 55 but an additional magazine will be made available, in an attempt to compensate for the damage loss.

On the attacker side, Ying is getting an additional Candela, damage boost to T-95 LSW (46 from 43) and Claymores will be replaced by smoke grenades.

Rainbow Six Siege

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege
Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

Buck's changes are bound to ruin the day for his mains. While he now has more ammunition for the Skeleton Key under-barrel shotgun, his frag grenades have been replaced by claymores .

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