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It looks like New World exploiters are getting banned already

Published: 02:51, 02 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

New World got hit by several waves of exploiters and it looks like Amazon Game Studios are cleaning the streets with the first victims of the ban hammer being reported.

People ruining the fun for everyone else is not exactly news in any type of entertainment but the effects such individuals had in New World were felt from day one. As such, this was the primary problem the players kept reporting to the devs even though the game still has a bunch of bugs going around.

Among the exploits, the worst one for the community at large was the gold duping glitch, which stood to imbalance the game's entire economy, especially because it is almost entirely run by players. The first time around the devs got to punishing players who used the exploit, it looked like a slap on the wrist since their ban was reportedly only three days long. 

Now, the training gloves have come off and the newest reports suggest that the  exploiters were banned permanently . This happened just a few hours after AGS disabled all forms of trading in New World, as a prevention measure to ensure the duped money doesn't spill into the economy. Considering the speed of banning these accounts, it would probably be safe to assume the devs will go through the problem instigators soon, ban all of them and enable wealth distribution once again.

Amazon Game Studios New World - There is strength in numbers, literally New World

Keep your eyes peeled for more info from AGS as they are probably going to turn the previously disabled features back on soon enough.

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