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Is Apex Legends ready to be EA's main shooter in 2020?

Published: 15:07, 25 December 2019
Apex Legends, Lifeline Gun Charm
Apex Legends, Lifeline Gun Charm

We must admit we never thought EA would even consider making Apex Legends their main shooter, ever. Launching Titanfall 2 between CoD and Battlefield sounded like homicide with extra steps, but things have obviously changed.

Of course, Apex Legends wasn't even a thing back when Titanfall 2 launched, but if EA would ignore such a masterpiece - what chance would its battle royale sibling have?

What we could not foresee, and obviously neither could EA, is that Apex Legends would absolutely explode with popularity to the point where Respawn had to make a number of decisions on Apex's future on the fly.

We absolutely loved Respawn's battle royale, which hasn't changed to this day, but it just seemed like not even the dev knew how well it would be received. 

Apex Legends started off with 20Hz server tick rates, which is not uncommon for the start of a game's lifecycle. Respawn never got around to increasing it, and while their packet tweaks tightened the experience somewhat, it's still a third of what the competitors have.

This issue is even more serious when considering that EA want a game that can handle the competition, and Apex Legends is currently technically incapable of it. Connection issues have been another problem, and they'll likely only grow, but forget about any serious eports.

Respawn Key art for Mirage's Holo-Day Bash limited time event in Apex Legends. Nothing beats a monologue from Mirage. Just in time for Christmas!

According to EA's announcement, Respawn's battle royale will be their main shooter for fiscal 2021, so there still time to address these issues. You can find EA's

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Apex Legends

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