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Fortnite patch 3.5 promises replays, kills hamster

Published: 06:57, 12 April 2018
Updated: 09:38, 16 April 2018
Epic Games
A person in an astronaut suit from the game Fortnite
Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite players, like myself, who couldn't wait to try the new replay feature, like myself, must be terribly disappointed, like myself, because even though the patch v3.5 brought the feature online, it also brought Fortnite's servers down.

Epic seems to have started experiencing issues as soon as the update dropped, which seems to be becoming a pattern. Okay, it's probably too early to ring any definitive bells, but if I recall correctly, the last Fortnite update as well.

Epic Games Spoof of the Guided Missile from Fortnite converted to a taxi. Fortnite - Guided Missile Launcher taxi

At the same time, the company pulled Fortnite's Rocket Launcher over an animation issue but it's the actual server issues that caught Epic off guard. Judging by , the guys tried everything but ultimately resorted to deploying "major upgrades" to the database system. 

So if you, like myself, are incredibly disappointed for missing out on Fortnite's much awaited replay feature, you can join me in prayer and ritual crying all day long.

Just kidding, here's some videos that were recorded just in time to prevent us all from shedding them large Fortnite crocodile tears into a bucket.

As explosive as any trailer I've ever seen, it's obvious that Fortnite players who are camera savvy will have no issues making bona fide masterpieces. In fact, the feature has such creative potential that it's almost scary.

As short and explosive as the last Fortnite replay video, albeit a bit on the funnier side. Again, we're not looking at cinematic masterpieces here, at least not yet - but you get the general idea.

In case you were wondering about the new Port-a-Fort grenades that Epic has thrown into Fortnite, no need - this user conveniently married both and a demonstration of the replay system.

Although it most certainly didn't need any, Fortnite's goofiness potential is through the roof. We've already seen plenty of users having a field day and I think the following video speaks for itself. 

Epic's servers remain down at the time of writing.

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