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Indie game Spiritle's Beta Test is up and running

Published: 20:00, 31 May 2021
Fabled Game
World Tree is limited in space and cannot house us all
World Tree is limited in space and cannot house us all

As the seasons change, with them comes battle to regain honor and the right to return to the World Tree. We are, of course, talking about Spiritle, Fabled Game's newest digital board game.

Spiritle is a turn-based, strategic, digital board game. In it you incarnate as a Spirit belonging to one of the basic four elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water.  Fallen Spirits challenge one another to regain their place in the World Tree.

The game is being developed by Fabled Game Studio. The developers' creative foci are digital board and card games, with stunning visuals. In Spiritle you can feel the emotion of every season each of the Spirits represents, and experience childlike wonder, and remember long-forgotten, childhood, memories, and dreams.

Not to say, of course, that is all there is to the game. As a strategy game, players will have to wrack their brains for all possible outcomes in every game, as well as be able to develop their own, personal, playstyle.

On May 27th, Spiritle has entered beta testing, and Fabled Game are encouraging players to apply and give them feedback. Currently, the game has a Classic Mode, in which you play against other players, and a Custom Mode, in which you challenge your friends.

Aside from that, developers are promising to add additional characters, World Tree passives, and at the top of the list, making the game cross-platform. As a PvP game, further development of the seasonal system will be implemented on release, making it deeper with more nuance.

Fabled Game In-game screenshot of a battlefield among Spirits In-game screenshot of a battlefield among Spirits

As a company that works with their fans and costumers, Fabled Game are planning on relying heavily on user feedback, for further changes.

For anyone that has ever watched a Ghibli Studios movie, this game is a gaming equivalent of that experience. So, choose your season and element, and find a way back to the World Tree, helping the developers in the process.

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