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Indie devs petition for removal of indies from G2A key sales

Published: 14:58, 05 July 2019
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G2A are once again on the wrong side of the controversy scale, and we've recently witnessed indie developers advising players that they'd rather see their games pirated than sold at G2A, as the developers don't make money off them anyway.

No More Robots founder Mike Rose has come out , insisting that whether they're pirated or not, devs don't see a dime either way, and after some back and forth with G2A, he started a petition for the removal of indie titles. 

At the time of writing, the petition has 732 signatures, and seems to be gaining speed by the minute. By the time this sentence was finished, the number of signatures is already at 747.

G2A had responded to his earlier accusations, telling that they're open for discussion, "but a real one, not empty accusations and catchy slogans."

"If any developer suspects there are keys on the marketplace that shouldn't be there, there's a quick and easy way to report it. All it takes is to contact us. If any key was illegally obtained, we'll remove it, block the seller and provide their personal data to the proper authorities", they said.

Rose, however, insists that G2A are outright lying and ignoring the actual issue, which is devaluating of games by not policing their own marketplace.

"As an industry, we are constantly fighting for players to perceive our games as valuable. If you see that Descenders is available for cheap somewhere dodgy, your brain will say "hmm, maybe I shouldn't buy it full price?" G2A facilitate this shift every single day and don't care", he tweeted.

He posted a screenshot showing that his company's title Descenders has fallen victim to this, with one person selling 100 Steam keys on 14 February 2018.

"I've had to stop giving out keys so freely to potential press + influencers because G2A doesn't care about policing their site", he said, "it means that we're far less inclined to get involved with things like, for example, a Humble Bundle, as we know all the keys will appear on G2A afterwards, and tank our Steam sales from that point onwards. *This* is the issue with G2A."

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G2A said that they hired an independent auditor that will look into this and vouched to reimburse devs 10 times what they lost on chargebacks if any of these claims prove true.

"We want this process to be transparent, so we will publicly report every step of the procedure. Meaning, you will get information such as who came forward, and what the verdict was, all of which will be published for everyone to see", they .

You can the petition and Rose's lengthy rebuttal .

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