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G2A propose key-blocking tool as a solution for fraudulent keys

Published: 16:12, 12 July 2019
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G2A have proposed a key-blocking tool for developers as a solution to fraudulent keys. Apparently, the biggest issue is with the review and giveaway keys and the tool will allow devs to block the keys they don't want selling on G2A.

In their latest statement, key reseller G2A have offered a solution for fraudulent keys issue that has once again been a major talking point in the previous week. G2A propose a key-blocking tool to developers, which would allow them to block keys they don't want sold on G2A.

In the official statement, G2A say that after discussions with developers, the main concern was about two categories of keys - review and giveaway ones. G2A say that these two represent a very small fraction of all the keys sold on the marketplace but want to offer a solution so review and giveaway keys can be blocked from the devs side.

Here's how the process of blocking keys on G2A will work. First, the developers will need to verify so G2A can "deter any impostors". After that, the devs get access to Review keys section where they can paste the keys they don't want to pop up on G2A marketplace.

Once that's wrapped up, each time someone tries to sell a review key, G2A's algorithm will check the keys the developers provided and if there's a match, the seller will get a notification that the key has been blocked.

In the second section, the developers would fill in the giveaway keys that they will be giving out so if a seller tries to sell more than three keys that match the ones in the giveaway database, the system won't allow that.

G2A say that the development of this tool will be "time-consuming and expensive" but they are ready to cover all the costs if the developers are ready to use it. The company provided a form where the developers can register and hope that more than 100 studios will sign up within a month, so they can start working on the tool. - Store - Store

G2A also mentioned that they are aware this proposal doesn't solve all the issues and that some developers would love to remove their games permanently from the store. "While we understand their point of view, it’s not a black or white situation. Both sides have valid points and should respect each other’s arguments," G2A said.

You can read the full statement .

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