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Immortals: Fenyx Rising DLC announced across three expansions

Published: 03:57, 18 November 2020
Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Zeus and Medusa
Immortals: Fenyx Rising, Zeus and Medusa

Ubisoft didn't even release Immortals: Fenyx Rising yet but they have already announced the post-launch plans for the game and they look pretty chunky.

Fenyx Rising will get three major DLCs apparently. While the announcement makes it look like there will be a ton of post-launch content, which is a good thing, Ubisoft also fumbled the reveal and spoiled the plot of the base game. If you are looking to avoid spoilers, we would suggest turning back now, before you read the next paragraph.

The first among the three DLCs will be called "A New God". Fenyx will apparently ascend to godhood by the time this expansion kicks in and will ascend to Olympus to start the new adventure.

Players will need to go through the trials set by the rest of the Greek pantheon and these adventures will include new puzzles as well as new powers as the character grows ever stronger, eventually going up to challenge Zeus.

Myths of the Eastern Realm will be the second DLC and will see players assume the role of a different protagonist - Ku. Players will need to restore the balance between Heaven and Earth, whose conflict resulted in humanity getting turned into clay. As the name suggests, the story is inspired by Chinese mythology and it happens before the events of the original game.

Similarly, The Lost Gods will see players assuming the role of a different champion. Ash is a mortal who will be tasked into bringing back deities who ran away from Olympus and this one will be guided by Athena and the protagonist of the vanilla game.

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