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Iceberg is coming to Gamescom 2021 with a bunch of free demos

Published: 13:00, 25 August 2021
Iceberg Interactive
Iceberg - Gamescom 2021
Iceberg - Gamescom 2021

Iceberg Interactive is bringing new demos, reveal trailers and release dates for seven upcoming indie titles.

Iceberg Interactive is bringing it to Gamescom 2021. Coming up: a new game reveal, trailers, news about seven indie titles on their way to PC and Consoles. There are also eight demos free for PC on both Gamescom and the Indie Arena Booth Online

Starting today, our digital booth features EIGHT free PC demos across Gamescom and the Indie Arena Booth Online.

Strange Horticulture announcement

Iceberg Interactive teamed up with Bad Viking to bring the occult puzzle game to PC. The plant-based puzzle RPG will be arriving on Steam in early 2022.

Set for September: Blazing Sails and Star Dynasties 

Blazing Sails is a PvP pirate-themed shooter now available in Steam's Early Acces, but getting a full release as well as a free demo in September 2021.

The narrative sci-fi strategy game Star Dynasties is also currently available via Early Access, with a free demo and a full release scheduled for September.

Circle Empires Tactics demo

This turn-based strategy is getting its first demo ever. Circle Empires Tactics promises a new spin on the known formula we'll get to experience in its entirety when it releases sometime in 2022.

King of Retail

King of Retail is available now in Early Access with a full release coming in 2022. The game is also getting a new trailer because marketing is everything.

More incoming in 2021
  • Sacred Fire: A Role Playing Game will have its Early Access debut in Fall 2021. A full release is expected in 2022. 
  • Midnight Protocol is a narrative-driven RPG themed around hacking and not using your PC's mouse inputs. Expect a full release before the year is out.
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