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DreamHack Beyond - announced updates and free demos

Published: 13:00, 22 July 2021
Updated: 09:39, 22 July 2021
DreamHack Beyond
DreamHack Beyond - Iceberg Interactive upcoming content
DreamHack Beyond - Iceberg Interactive upcoming content

DreamHack Beyond is going down this week. The all-digital experience will see the reveal of a bunch of free PC demos, updates and DLCs for a collection of different titles.

DreamHack Beyond start/end date 

The free interactive experience will kick off on July 24 and go on until July 31. 

DreamHack Beyond will spawn free playable PC demos on Steam for Ambition: A Minuet in Power, Midnight Protocol, Sacred Fire and Radical Relocation.

Updates will be doled out for Star Dynasties and King of Retail, both currently in Early Access.

DreamHack Beyond - Demos

Midnight Protocol

Midnight Protocol is a tactical RPG that you control using only your keyboard. You'll hack into servers, beat security systems and discover encrypted secrets while trying to understand why and how you got doxxed.

Expect Midnight Protocol on Steam (for Windows, Mac and Linux) later this year. The demo for Midnight Protocol, however, is available right now.

Ambition: A Minuet in Power

Dating in 18th century Paris looks like a riot and a half. Gossip and guillotines included. 

Ambition: A Minuet in Power has a free demo out now. The game in full will be barging onto Steam in August. A Switch version of Ambition is coming later in the year. 

Sacred Fire

This psychological RPG is coming to Steam's Early Access in Fall 2021, but Sacred Fire's updated demo is now live. The update was built on player feedback from last month's Steam Next Fest. 

Early Access updates

Star Dynasties

The turn-based game just got its second major update. Star Dynasties is currently available via Early Access, with a full release coming later in 2021. 

Star Dynasties' latest update has added the Expedition Events - a mechanic that enables you to investigate the unexplored reaches of space and come away with a surprise boost.

King of Retail  

King of Retail lets its players maintain and run their own store. Everything from layout design to marketing campaigns is up to the owner.

King of Retail is scheduled to receive an update on July 27. The new batch of content will include women's clothing, keybinding and staff zoning. 

The game will get a full release in 2022.

Blazing Sails

The quick-paced PvP title is now available via Steam's Early Access. A major free update has already charted its course and is coming to Blazing Sails soon, with a full release happening later in the year.


Pax Nova, a sci-fi turn-based 4X strategy game, just got its "Beyond the Rift" DLC pack. 

The DLC introduces a new entity hailing from beyond Eos. The new being will grant the players additional powers in exchange for Soul Shards. 

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