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Hunt: Showdown update 1.5 adds custom ammo types

Published: 13:10, 09 March 2021
Hunt Showdown screenshot showing ammo
Hunt Showdown - 1.5 update

Crytek have released another major update for their hybrid battle royale game. Update 1.5 brings custom ammo types such as incendiary, poison and high-velocity ammo.

Crytek have released a full patch notes for the latest update for their shooter Hunt: Showdown, which introduced several types of custom ammo, something that the devs promised previously and successfully delivered in this patch.

The new ammo types are available for nearly all the weapons in the game, which sounds pretty neat. Crytek say that these custom ammo types are designed as a side-grade rather than an upgrade, offering a lot more variety as well as allowing players to tailor their loadouts even more to their playstyle.

Additionally, the custom ammo type is not meant to replace the default ammunition. While some may appear to have advantages, there are also downsides that must be considered. For example, some ammo will have higher penetration values, but these come at the cost of reduced muzzle velocity and damage. Others will deal fire damage as well as instantly blow-up explosive barrels but will have a visible tracer and no wall penetration.

Crytek A disfigured woman standing in a swamp Hunt: Showdown

Here's the breakdown of the new ammo types:

  • Some ammo types will be more suited to PvP while others are more aimed at PvE combat.
  • Not all weapons can use every type of custom ammo.
  • Custom Ammo is unlocked the same as any other weapon variant through the Book of Weapons.
  • When equipped, custom ammo replaces the standard ammo for the duration of the mission.
  • Ammo can be changed between missions when modifying your hunter, but not in the mission itself.
  • Custom Ammo is available for compact, medium and long bullets. 
  • Carrying multiple weapons with the same Custom Ammo type will share ammunition between them.

You can find the full list of new custom ammo types on Hunt: Showdown's Steam page.

Hunt: Showdown

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Hunt: Showdown
Hunt: Showdown

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