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Hunt: Showdown leaves early access, adds new Legendary weapon

Published: 10:26, 28 August 2019
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Hunt: Showdown

Crytek's competitive multiplayer bounty hunting shooter Hunt: Showdown has officially launched out of early access, where it spent just 18 months. The 1.0 patch introduced a couple of new things including The Vanguard legendary weapon.

Hunt: Showdown is one of the most unique shooters you'll find on PC and Xbox One today. The game is a battle royale hybrid but Crytek love to call it multiplayer bounty hunter shooter, which isn't far away from the truth.

The game offers several modes, a ton of weapon and gadgets and it arrived to Steam Early Access 18 months ago. However, today, Crytek celebrate a special occasion - Hunt: Showdown has successfully launched out of early access into v1.0.

Along with the launch, there is a small update that brings several additions including some minor bug fixes and The Vanguard legendary weapon. Here's everything that comes with the patch: 

  • The 'Vanguard' has been added to the Legendary weapons.
  • Tentative fix for incomplete or missing mission rewards.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in becoming stuck in hip fire after reloading.
  • Achievement progression should now unlock as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a black screen while in spectator mode.

The developers also shared a message in which they thanked everyone who supported Hunt: Showdown in the last 18 months. They also said that the commitment to make Hunt: Showdown a better game is still present.

"Early Access has been an incredible journey for us; the development has been both a very rewarding experience as well as something we have learned a lot from. We want to take this opportunity to send our thanks out to everyone who participated in Early Access—you’ve been a huge help in making Hunt what it is today, and we are looking forward to continue working closely with you and the rest of the Hunt community post release," its written in the message on Steam.

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As expected, the price went up from €29.99 to €39.99 and there's also a Legendary Edition that includes Legends of the Bayou DLC.

You can take a look at the release notes on .

Hunt: Showdown

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Hunt: Showdown
Hunt: Showdown

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