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Overwatch players are toxic because Blizzard says so?

Published: 11:44, 19 December 2017
Junkrat lighting a fuse with a satisfied look on his face
Overwatch - Junkertown

Overwatch's toxicity issue continues to become more and more serious. A banned player started a thread on the forum and Overwatch Game Director responded. Jeff Kaplan's response completely missed the point and blamed the ban on the player's toxic chat behaviour instead of his poor play-style.

Player 'toxicity' in Overwatch has been a problem since day one. Jeff from the Overwatch team went on and on about it in a developer update dedicated to the issue. Also, a number of solutions has been put forward: from e-mail and in-game notifications to to deal with the scary people that use their keyboard to hurt others' feelings.

More than a few arguments can be made here, but the one going trough my mind is: are people that play Overwatch - an online shooter - really that sensitive to some words that flash by while they have stupid amounts of fun playing said game. Can't some things just be put into perspective and deemed not that scary? No, because this is 2017 and due to the rising threat of global warming, some people have decided that they'll become unique and precious little snowflakes to make up for the diminishing ice caps. 

Blizzard Moira experimenting on a lab rabbit Overwatch - Moira

Well, dearest of snowflakes, someone spamming:

"you deranged addicted nerd"

"and this community is ignorant and insane"

"im the reason for anything good"

while you play your game should not be sufficient reason to have you scrambling for the report button. Grow some Biotic orbs. The player who started the thread on forums was a Torbjörn main who apparently acted entitled and regularly got himself killed. That was the behaviour that got him reported and, in the end, banned. 

The problem arose when Jeff from the Overwatch team Kaplan posted .

Blizzard Jeff Kaplan's forum response screenshot Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan - You can't aim down sights on a ban-hammer

Ol' Jeff here is citing CosmicGhost's bad behaviour in the game's chat, completely ignoring the fact that he was acting as a tail end of a digestive tract where it really matters - during the actual match. 

The Overwatch strike team that banned CosmicGhost and the players who reported him, had every right to do so but the reason Jeff gave is profoundly misleading. You can't have your Game Director call out a banned player who paid for the game and give false reasons for why they got banned in the first place.

Blizzard Sombra glitching out Overwatch - Sombra

The moral of the story, kids: turn off your chat if you're not using it, and stop being triggered by trolls. The report button is there to help improve the overall experience, not sooth your easily bruised ego or sense of propriety.

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