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Horizon Zero Dawn new story trailer

Published: 10:38, 12 January 2017
Horizon Zero Dawn screenshot
Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn looks extremely pretty and feels oddly famililar

Horizon Zero Dawn hurts my brain for two reasons. First, it's so incredibly pretty that the search for a comparison becomes a difficult one. Second, for such a pretty world, the story trailer and details it sort of reveals, are as vanilla heroes journey as they can possibly get, and that makes for a painful yawn. It feels like a waste to see such gorgeous design being put to use in what seems to be an extremely bland narrative.

You can take a look at the newest story trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive above. A strong female protagonist has to leave the village and go on an adventure, there is a villain meddling in powers he doesn't seem to completely understand, a shadow organisation or "interested party" is in the mix somewhere, the list of safe, bland and uninspired is a long one.

YouTube Horizon Zero Dawn YouTube Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Down looks like it's taking place in an interesting world. I sincerely hope they don't choose to populate that world with washed out stereotypes and a story by numbers.

YouTube Horizon Zero Dawn YouTube Horizon Zero Dawn

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