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Here is the concept art from WB Games Montreal's cancelled Batman game

Published: 16:08, 09 November 2021
Goran Bukvic
Concept art from cancelled WB Montreal Batman game codenamed Project Sabbath
Concept art from cancelled WB Montreal Batman game codenamed Project Sabbath

WB Games Montreal worked on an unnanounced Batman game, codenamed Project Sabbath, that eventually got cancelled.

Before Gotham Knights, WB Games Montreal have seemingly worked on a brand new Batman game that eventually got cancelled. Concept art of the world and characters surfaced via 4chan a long time ago and today, we have a closer look at the Batman models thanks to Concept Artist Goran Bukvic, who shared some of this work via ArtStation.

Goran added that the concept art, which you can check out below, was done for "a cancelled game a long time ago".

Goran Bukvic Batman in Project Sabbath Batman in Project Sabbath

In case you are not quite familiar with Project Sabbath, this was supposed to be a Damian Wayne Batman game and as you can see from the concept art, it was supposed to be set in the ruins of Gotham City with story elements from Batman Beyond and Dark Knight Rises. Also, the game would feature classic Batman Beyond characters like the Dee Dee Twins. 

The Batman is rocking a pretty different look with a long grey beard and a brand new suit for Damian. Pretty cool overall!

Sadly, we'll never get to play this, no matter how cool it may look. WB Games Montreal's upcoming title Gotham Knights looks alright but if we could choose between the two, Project Sabbath would be our pick every single time. 

4Chan Project Sabbath artwork showing ruined gotham city Project Sabbath

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