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Heavy Metal Machines ESL registrations closing soon

Published: 10:03, 13 July 2017
Updated: 19:29, 05 August 2018
Heavy Metal Machines

Hoplon Infotainment's Heavy Metal Machines will host its very own European Open Championships. Anyone can register to participate in the championship, with qualifiers starting on 16 July 2017 in spite of the game's current open beta status.

Heavy Metal Machines' developer from Brazil, Hoplon, wants to remind  the teams wanting to compete at the first ever ESL Play Heavy Metal Machines Esports European Championships will need to "put pedal to the metal as registration closes on Saturday 15 July".

The championship cash prize pool is over £8.800 and since the game is in Open Beta, there’s no need to be a pro player to register. "Filled with intuitive fast-paced action, team play elements, unique MOBA gameplay and a heavy metal soundtrack, aspiring esports players, or current professionals from around the world can play on the European server."

Hoplon Heavy Metal Machines Heavy Metal Machines

The tournament kicks off with Qualifiers on 16 July, using the Swiss Model, with the Playoffs taking place on 23 July. The Main Finals, including Lower Bracket are on 30 July.

Knowledge incoming:

"A Swiss-system tournament is a non-eliminating tournament format which features a set number of rounds of competition, but considerably fewer than in a round-robin tournament. In a Swiss tournament, each competitor (team or individual) does not play every other. Competitors meet one-to-one in each round and are paired using a set of rules designed to ensure that each competitor plays opponents with a similar running score, but not the same opponent more than once. The winner is the competitor with the highest aggregate points earned in all rounds. All competitors play in each round unless there is an odd number of them". You're welcome.

Hoplon Heavy Metal Machines Heavy Metal Machines

If you're interested you might want to hurry because  close in three days (at the time of writing). Heavy Metal Machines is free to play now on . The game was recently updated "to ensure that Heavy Metal Machine is in great shape not only for the upcoming tournament but the esports scene in general". Read all about the patch .

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