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Hatchet, greataxe and other gear bugs in New World have been resolved

Published: 14:51, 04 November 2021
Amazon Game Studios
New World
New World

New World is going through some growing pains but AGS are constantly fixing problems, like the ones that occurred with several weapon types and an armour perk.

Hatchets are generally powerful weapons in New World and if you are looking for single-target DPS, they are definitely the place to go. However, their Against All Odds perk was bugged so it persisted even after disposing of enemies who surrounded the player, leaving the wielder with an almost permanent damage buff. This has been resolved with patch 1.0.5 , deployed on November 4, 2021.

Similarly, the bug with the greataxe talent, Bloodlust has been resolved so players will once again get the buff while targeting enemies in close quarters and it will properly expire afterwards.

As for fire staff enthusiasts, they will no longer be able to equip two weapons of the same type and as such, the machinegun macros will no longer be an option. On top of that, attack animations will no longer be cancelled for caster weapons when you swap to the other set so similar shenanigans will not occur even if you try pairing a fire staff with an ice gauntlet or something similar.

Armour pieces that have Resilient perk on them will no longer be ridiculously overpowered since the bonus will now work properly. It will only reduce critical damage and not any type of normal damage the wearer receives.

Amazon Game Studios New World New World

Other damage buffs have also been normalised by purging the bugs and Battle Bread in Outpost Rush is probably the biggest one players will pay attention to. It is no longer twice as effective and the tooltip has been updated to properly describe what the food does.

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