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Blizzard have rolled out Overwatch patch bringing Hammond

Published: 17:54, 25 July 2018
Overwatch's hamster Hammond is resting on top of his ball
Overwatch - Hammond

Blizzard have released an update for Overwatch that brought Hammond into the fray, but also brought a pile of balance changes for McCree, Solider 76, Sombra, Hanzo, Bastion, Mei and Widowmaker. Certain maps also received some love.

Hammond will be PETA's newest gaming conundrum as he is a hamster that will both kill and be killed in Overwatch. He is also 14 years old so he is sort of an underage hamster. His normal attack is nothing too imaginative, as it's pretty much just akimbo machine guns, not unlike the ones seen in DOOM or Wolfenstein.

The rest of his kit is fun galore though. Wrecking Ball's abilities will revolve about him being a, well, wrecking ball in all sorts of different manners. He can engage shields that allow him to be nearly invulnerable while his Roll mode is on, so he can have his own bowling simulator.

When he uses Grappling Hook, it will allow Hammond to swing around the point of impact, allowing for previously unseen flanking potential. More info on this critter in power armour can be found on the .

Meanwhile, some of the older champions got updates as well, and by old, I mean fit for retirement since grandpa 76's maximum range damage drop off was decreased. Soldier 76, Bastion and McCree long range damage drop off is now capped at 50 per cent, instead of the previous 70 per cent. In other words, they will do 50 per cent of their regular damage instead of only 30 per cent when past their engagement range.

Widowmaker will have even less use of her automatic, since it too received a 50 per cent damage drop off at long range. Her sniper rifle mode remains unchanged though. Everyone's not-so-favourite demonic spawn, Mei, no longer has damage drop off on secondary projectile fire.

Blizzard Picture of Hammond swinging on his wrecking ball suit Overwatch - Hammond's Miley Cyrus impression

Hanzo got hit by nerfs to his Storm Arrows, as the duration was reduced from six to five seconds and cooldown increased from eight to 10 seconds. Sombra received a bit of a rework on her Stealth and Translocator.

Both now last indefinitely but Stealth prevents her from capturing objective while Translocator can be destroyed. Full patch notes can be found on Overwatch's .


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