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Halo Infinite's first event Fracture: Tenrai can't be completed in one week

Published: 07:46, 24 November 2021
Fracture: Tenrai brings new, smaller, battle pass
Fracture: Tenrai brings new, smaller, battle pass

343 Industries have enforced a weekly progress cap on Halo Infinite's first in-game event named Fractured: Tenrai, meaning you won't be able to complete it in the first week.

The first Halo Infinite event is now officially live across all platforms. Named Fracture: Tenrai, this samurai-themed event brings a ton of new items to earn through a new battle pass with 30 tiers, which is free to all players. 

However, players are not quite happy with how the progression works in Fracture: Tenrai. 343 industries confirmed that the event cannot be completed in one week, which means players will have to wait for the event to return during Season 1 to earn the items they did not manage to unlock in the first week. 

The next appearance of Fracture: Tenrai comes in January 2022, 343 confirmed, which some players may find a bit too long for their liking. Of course, in the meantime, we expect another event to fill in the space with new rewards but the number of events is not the core issue here, progression is. 

We can confirm that the progression in Fracture: Tenrai battle pass is faster than in the Season 1 battle pass, but ultimately, you will run out of challenges to complete for the event, which means you cannot progress further in the battle pass since all progression is tied to challenges.

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This certainly is annoying and something that 343 Industries should consider tweaking since progression has been one of the most criticised features of the game since launch last week. Halo Infinite multiplayer feels fantastic and there's no argument that 343 have done an amazing job but these issues should be the studio's priority moving forward, no doubt about that.

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