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Halo Infinite is getting a new weapon according to co-op leak

Published: 10:21, 18 July 2022
343 Industries
Halo Infinite Campaign
Halo Infinite Campaign

Halo Infinite has been going through some issues due to lack of new content but it finally looks like 343 are ready to start firing on all cylinders.

Halo Infinite hasn't managed to keep up with the players' capacity for consumption of new content so far but it looks like some good things are on the way.

The latest co-op flight leaked a bit of information that is likely to keep the player base occupied for a long while due to Forge content that's in the works. For those not familiar with the term, Forge is the level editor in Halo games so the community can create its own content to enjoy, without relying on new releases from the devs.

First, there is a leaked video of Forge gameplay which might give you an idea what to expect from it. Additionally, Auto Turrets have been spotted in the Forge but it's unclear whether they will be added to multiplayer. Whatever the case, creative people could make some funny tower defence scenarios with it.

It also appears some kind of teleportation nodes will be arriving and they are called Quantum Translocators , which could bring a new dimension to multiplayer matches.

As far as the new weapons go, there is the scoped DMR and Bloodblade sword, both of which are variations of existing weapons, rather than brand new ones.

343 Halo Infinite - Co-op screenshot Halo Infinite - Co-op screenshot

Overall, it looks like Halo Infinite community is going to see some brighter days and they will be further expanded by the players' own creativity.

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