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Halo Infinite is bringing back classic map control gameplay with power-ups

Published: 07:25, 22 July 2020
343 Industries
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Halo Infinite

It looks like Halo Infinite multiplayer could be similar to Halo 3 if the latest details from insider Klobrille are true. Apparently, the classic map control gameplay with power-ups and power weapons is back.

Tomorrow, 343 Industries will finally reveal Halo Infinite gameplay. And while only singleplayer campaign gameplay demo has been confirmed officially, we also hope to see some footage of multiplayer, which is set to reintroduce some big features from beloved Halo 3 multiplayer.

According to Xbox insider Klobrille, 343 Industries are bringing back the classic map control gameplay with power weapons and power-ups which can be picked up all over the map. Some of these power-ups include grapple hook, thrust and classics such as overshield. Here is Klobrille's full post over at ResetEra :

"Halo Infinite Arena is all about going back to classic map control gameplay (power weapons and power-ups). There are a lot of cool map power-ups to complement the sandbox. Grapple hook, thrust or classics like overshield. All this is very dynamic and might vary heavily based on playlist etc., of course. But more on all that at a later date."

343 Industries Halo 3 player in a jungle Halo 3

The insider added that 343 have a lot of room for experiments in Halo Infinite when it comes to playlist options. Apparently, the devs are building a system to dynamically change and balance stuff to allow for a big variety of different multiplayer and Arena experiences.

As for the Forge, Klobrille briefly said that the mode will include a ridiculous amount of options.

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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