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Halo Infinite dev shows off new enemy and Master Chief's suit details

Published: 07:06, 01 September 2020
Halo Infinite enemy Jega Rdomnai
Halo Infinite, Jega Rdomnai

In the latest dev update, 343 Industries shed some light on Halo Infinite's new enemy Jega, as well as some specifics about Master Chief's armour suit.

We're talking about a character that instils fear among his own, let alone squishy humans, but here's what Halo Infinite lore excerpt says:

"In hushed whispers throughout the ranks of the Banished, Jega ‘Rdomnai’s name is spoken of with care. The blademaster’s history is shrouded in rumor and half-truths. Some say he was an experiment, an affront to his own kind. Others make mention of a clandestine ambush gone wrong. Very few know the truth, fewer still speak of it. One thing is certain: he has hunted demons before, and as the first recruit welcomed into the Hand of Atriox, he will do so again."

Described as mysterious and battle-ravaged Sangheili warrior, Jega is one of several characters you'll meet in Halo Infinite. 343 wrote that each confrontation plays a part in Master Chief's journey, so we'll be seeing plenty of him in-game. 

As for Master Chief's suit and its evolutions, which deserve an entry, nay - an encyclopaedia of their own, Halo Infinite is taking it into next-gen with a mix of the old and new, culminating in the last iteration - GEN3 Mark VII. 

343 explained that some features of GEN1 and GEN2 Mark VII suits remain in the prototype stage for unreliability and/or cost efficiency, which should tie up any loose knots for the lore obsessive players. 

Microsoft Halo Infinite, Gen3 Mark VII suit Halo Infinite, Gen3 Mark VII suit

"Created with input from Dr. Halsey herself, the latest Mark VII iteration refreshes the Mjolnir technical architecture with breakthroughs in neural interfaces, shield emitters, fusion power, and armor formulation.

The Mark VII designation refers to a number of prototype platforms that test the ever-evolving Mjolnir Generation 3 standard. The most recent design to bear the name was selected by Dr. Halsey from Materials Group's KEYSTONE development program."

You can find the post over at Halo's website .

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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