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Halo Infinite's content is more or less finished, devs focusing on technical aspects now

Published: 11:34, 31 October 2020
Screenshot from Halo Infinite, showing Master Chief's mask
Halo Infinite, Do we really need to explain who?

According to reliable Xbox insider Klobrille, Halo Infinite's content is pretty much complete and the developer 343 Industries are now focusing on technical aspects of the game.

Halo Infinite, Microsoft's heavy hitter that was supposed to be a launch title for next-gen consoles Xbox Series X|S, is almost complete in terms of content, says reliable insider Klobrille. 343 Industries, the developer of the game are now fully focusing on the technical side of the game, which includes performance optimisation, bug fixing and potentially visual improvements. 

Klobrille says he is confident that Halo Infinite will release in 2021, despite some rumours suggesting that delay could be much longer than initially expected. 

"The game is more or less content complete. They can fully focus on the technical aspects now. I absolutely do expect Halo Infinite to be released 2021," the insider tweeted.

You are probably aware that Microsoft did not share a specific release date for Halo Infinite. All we know at the moment is that the game will be coming sometime in 2021 but whether this means early, mid or late 2021, Microsoft did not specify. 

In other Halo Infinite news, the game recently lost its director Chris Lee, who stepped down from the position following poor fan reception to gameplay reveal at Xbox Games Showcase. A few weeks later Microsoft brought in Halo veteran Joe Staten to lead the single-player campaign and senior executive, Pierre Hintze, to helm multiplayer.

Halo Infinite is in development for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. 

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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Halo Infinite

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