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Halo Infinite Countdown-inspired map leaks online

Published: 14:32, 30 July 2021
Halo Infinite leaked map
Halo Infinite leaked map

Twitter user Galaxy has shared a bunch of screenshots, which are reportedly showing Halo Infinite's Countdown-inspired map. 343 Industries are yet to officially announce such a map but the screenshots look pretty legit.

As tens of thousands of players are enjoying the Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview test that went live yesterday, a fresh batch of screenshots, showing what appears to be an unannounced map have surfaced online.

Courtesy of Twitter user Galaxy, the screenshots look pretty legit as they are quite similar to the clean art style and visuals of Halo Infinite. The map reminds a lot of the Countdown map from Halo Reach but upon closer inspection, it's actually not the iconic arena. 

It seems like 343 Industries definitely took the inspiration from Countdown, hence the spaceship room, but the map layout seems to be completely different from the original. 

Interestingly, players noticed Flood mass on the map, which could mean343 Industries are showing off the infection on this particular map or perhaps bringing back the Flood just like they were introduced in Halo: Combat Evolved. That would certainly be a welcomed addition. 

At the moment, we do not have any details about this particular map. Whether it will be in the game at launch, or 343 plan to add it sometime later, it remains to be seen, though, it wouldn't be surprising to see an official reveal now that the map has leaked online.

Halo Infinite is officially coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC sometime during Holiday season 2021.

Halo Infinite, upcoming sequel by 343 Industries and Microsoft

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